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Recently I’ve experienced a lot of people making an effort to congratulate me on how well I’m doing in my work, which is an amazing feeling. I’m sure they also feel pretty amazed when I thank them, but mention that it’s actually nowhere near as glamorous as it looks. In fact, the best of what you see is all online, which brings me to the topic of this post…

Social media: Only showing people what you want them to see since 2002.

How many times have we seen it before? You run into someone who looks nothing like their Facebook photos,  or you’ve encountered someone whose stylish and A-list lifestyle looks tres fab on the internet, but doesn’t quite shape up when it comes to reality. This, my friends, is social media sketchiness. I’m guilty of it, you’re guilty of it. So now that we’re both no longer in denial, let’s go over the reality of the issue.

Social media is a platform for ordinary people to project an image of themselves out onto a global stage. In a world that is so consumed by celebrity and exclusivity, everyone is trying to reach for their slice of the fame pie. Whether it’s fame on a gargantuan scale, or just within your friends list, if you’re an avid social media master you’re still a victim to it and it’s not like that’s a bad thing. Social media has the ability to let everyone know about the changes in your life. If you’ve gotten married, gone overseas, received a promotion, lost weight, or changed your underwear, social media allows you to share this information with your friends and even those who aren’t. This creates a perception of you in someone else’s opinion which is highly controlled and influenced by what you choose to share. You can make yourself look glamorous, stylish, wealthy, or smart. But in reality, do we shape up?

That’s a whole different topic altogether. So on another note, I recently read an article by JM Henderson who is a Forbes contributor. She gives us three reasons why we should quit social media..

1. It harms self-esteem

2. It’s bad for the blood pressure

3.There is no substitute for offline

While I could really argue either side of these points, I’d like to explain my instinctual opinion here. Point one – you’ve got to be kidding me? Social media is only harmful to the self-esteem of those who are limited in their own belief of themselves. Get up, dress up, show up, never give up, the end. Point two – absolutely, it might be bad for the blood pressure. But in hindsight, if you’re not being conversational (and even argumentative) on topics you might not have otherwise discussed, what ARE you being? You’re limiting yourself to your own frequent circle of humans with no room to further develop your knowledge or thinking. I’d rather have bubbly blood-pressure than one that is dormant. Point three – JM Henderson, you are on the money, there isn’t any substitute for offline. Whether it involves making an actual phone call to communicate, or just turning off all devices for an hour, the peace of knowing you‘re free from disruption (and cellular radiation) is invaluable.

Following on from that is the effect and influence that social media has on consumerism. Put your hand up if you’ve ever purchased something or been somewhere simply because you’ve seen it on social media? I know I have. In fact, it would take more than one hand to count the number of items I’ve bought just from product placement on Instragram alone. What we are witnessing is organisations cashing in on a thematic group of people that are developing a brand or a product virally and at a rapid rate. You could even say that we’re doing the work for them. Throw in some ‘brand ambassadors’ with 100k+ followers and they’ve got themselves a pretty lucrative business. Consumerism on social media has a snowball effect and people with niche products are reaping the benefits of the sharing, liking and talking that is the addiction of contemporary internet shoppers and social media users. That’s one powerful marketing tool.

I guess the point I’d like to make is that while you might scroll through your timeline and feel inadequate, depressed or imperfect, remember that no one else is unblemished. What you see online is the result of the person behind the screen strategically choosing how they want themselves portrayed, and let’s admit it, the chances of sharing the shitty things in life are far outweighed by the occasional fabulous thing that may occur. So while what you see might be a close representation to actuality, there will always be a filter, or the power of exaggeration, or the delete button.

Keep your social media game strong and don’t let the players get you down.

AJE xox.

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Cam Sinclair on the Nitro Circus Aussie Tour

What do you think of when you hear the words Nitro Circus? A chemical explosion? A radioactive fun park? What about a bunch of crazy motorbike riders flipping at extreme heights, speeding up steep ramps and doing it all on wickedly fast machines?

Straight off the back of a sold out tour in South Africa, the Nitro Circus crew are revving up their engines in preparation for the Australian Tour in May. The world’s most adrenalin-charged live action sports show is said to be jam-packed with craziness, most of which is yet to be revealed. But if it’s anything like the South African tour crowds can expect more than just blokes on bikes. Kids’ trikes, snow skis, shopping trolleys, and a Barbie car were among the items launched off the Gigant-A-Ramp in recent shows.

After four years of touring, the crew at Nitro Circus are happy to be coming to Australia. CEO Mike Porra confirms the Australian tour will be unlike anything audiences have seen. “We can’t wait to unveil it to Australian fans first,” Mike said.

The return of American motorsports superstar Travis Pastrana adds even more hype to the event. And if that wasn’t enough, a newly designed, multi-million dollar set will be unveiled in Perth, showcasing a retro themed performance that will be choreographed as a 1920s, Barnum & Bailey style circus.

Former X Games gold medallist and Australian rider Cam Sinclair explains how despite the excitement, the sport is extremely dangerous. “I injured my leg really badly in America in January and I’m recovering from surgery right now,” Cam said. “I love the sport and I’ve been on bikes since I was 5, but it still scares me everyday,” he said.

Cam has come a long way in his career, debuting in the Nitro Circus after being a member of the Crusty Demons since 2006. Cam is a double back flip extraordinaire, which is said to be the most extreme stunt in freestyle motocross. But in 2009 Cam crashed and was faced with life threatening injuries and was in a coma for a week.

Despite the dangers, getting to do the ultimate boys job everyday still has its appeal. “Being able to do tours and travel the world is great,” Cam said. “We all push ourselves and we have a great team,” he said.

As for the Australian Tour, there’s a lot of madness set to debut. Cam couldn’t reveal too much, but he is hoping they can do better than the three person back flip we’ve all seen before, by putting four people on a bike and flipping it upside down. That’s right, four bodies, one bike and a really big ramp!

The rest is top secret. “Travis will be staying at my place and we’ll be working on a bunch of new tricks in the backyard,” Cam said. “It’s going to be good fun,” he said.

The Australian tour kicks off on May 10 in Perth. For tickets, tour updates, and behind the scenes content visit

AJE. xox

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Woman crush Wednesday: A witty metrical composition that acts as an excuse to reveal that you’re not actually a ‘single white female’ stalker of the hundreds of babes flooding your Instagram, but an admirer of their diehard fabness. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Kardashians. And I know I’m at risk of being hotly disagreed with here, but I would like to thank them for the positive influence they’ve had on me to remind me that a little bit of glam can go a long way when my confidence is lacking.

And it’s not just the Kardashians (I got your attention though, right? ‘What? This idiot actually thinks they’ve done something praise-worthy?’)… There’s a multitude of bloggers, vloggers, and social media glamour girls that blow my mind with their beauty and inspire me to put in a bit more effort to fluff up my feathers if need be. My personal end result is never Swanepoel-esque, but hey, if you can surprise yourself and feel better equipped to kick the worlds arse that day, why not?

Glamspo girl number one is beauty vlogger and Australian, Loz Curtis. Lauren covers all things beauty and transforms herself from a blank canvas to a straight-up glamazon in every video she does. I love how vloggers like Lauren put their bare skin on show for the millions of followers they have with the intention to share their secrets in the name of a sultry sisterhood. Her transformations always blow my mind and it’s a welcome relief from the filter-fied and pretentious females that seem to flood our timelines these days. Check her out here:

Next up is Nicole Guerriero. I feel like this Youtube vlogger is a virtual beauty veteran, but I’ve probably just been following her for the longest. Whether it’s contouring, highlighting, blending, enhancing, or hiding, this girl does it all really simply and with FUNNY outtakes. I always thought I was pretty good at making myself up, but Nicole has taught me how to mix it up. She’s definitely my first stop when it comes to getting my hair on point while working with a clip-in weave. LOVE her:

A vlogger who is a reasonably new discovery of mine is Jaclyn Hill. This girl makes me belly-laugh in my seat. That’s hard to do, trust me. And she always achieves flawless bases and has the easiest make up methods. She’s simplified my life with regards to the tools I should be using and short cuts I could be taking. You will not be able to fault any smokey eye Jaclyn does. Amazing!

The glamspo goes on with Cara Loren, Antoinette Marie,  Natalie Halcro, Alena Shiskova, and the list is endless…

For me, a little bit of glamour goes a long way for your insides whether it be with fashion, make up, or hair. And girls like this are the perfect inspiration when you’ve gotten into the groove of only wearing a quarter of your closet, or throwing your hair in a pony on the daily (I’m SO guilty of this).

And now I’m going to go against all of that self-validating social media preaching… You already know you’re pretty awesome on the inside, so when that’s lacking, why don’t you give the outside a go? There’s nothing wrong with a bit of vanity and and there is nothing sexier than a confident female. Get it, ladies!


AJE. xox

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